Youth Ministry

A Smashing Good Time!

The Youth had so much fun and they can’t wait to return again!

Recently, our middle and high school youth groups, Impact and Elevate, experienced an exciting outing to a rage room. For those who might not be familiar, a rage room is a unique space where participants are encouraged to break items as a form of stress relief. It offers a cathartic experience, allowing individuals to vent their frustrations in a controlled environment.

This activity could be an intriguing option for individuals, families, or co-workers looking for a novel and therapeutic experience. We recommend visiting Smash Therapy in Spring, TX, to explore this distinctive opportunity further.

For more information, including group event pricing and a special Super Bowl commercial by Head & Shoulders featuring Smash Therapy from 2019, please visit their website by following the link below.

Feedback from our youth groups was overwhelmingly positive, with participants eagerly anticipating their next visit for another round of exhilarating destruction!