Youth Ministry

Spring Break in our Sights

The Youth had so much fun at Battlefield Houston
If you’re in the Youth and you have a fun activity you want to do let Josh know!

Recently, our middle and high school students enjoyed the wonderful gift and blessing of Spring Break. To help the students celebrate their time off from school, each Youth group had their own outing to Battlefield Houston. If you have never been here, it’s an intense, tactical, two-story laser tag warehouse.

The students loved working together on their respective teams as they forged their way toward accomplishing each game’s objective. Whether we were trying to see how much in-game money we could take from the opposing team’s briefcase or how long we could stay in the game before the opposing team members eliminated us, everyone had a sharp-shooting good time!

If you know anyone who would like to join our middle school or high school Youth group and attend our functions and fun outings, please contact Josh McNamara at for more info.

Students, we are always looking for suggestions regarding what you would like to do next for our fun, off-site events. Feel free to share your suggestions with Josh; that way, your idea can become a reality!