Youth Ministry

A Wild Time at the Zoo

The Middle School Impact Youth Group Had Fun Exploring the Zoo!

On Sunday, May 07, 2023, our middle school Impact Youth group traveled to the Houston Zoo. The first thing we did was check out the brand-new Galapagos Islands exhibit. We saw tortoises, an iguana, sea lions, hammerhead sharks, lots of fish, and even some penguins!

If you have the opportunity to go and check out this new exhibit, consider making the trip. You won’t be disappointed! After visiting the Galapagos Islands exhibit, we visited the jaguar exhibit and saw some capybaras and emus!

Next, it was off to see some of the birds the Houston Zoo has on display in their walk-through aviary. One of the unique birds we saw was a Green Oropendola. And then, it was off to see the tiger and lions!

Thankfully we were able to see just about every animal exhibit in the zoo during our time there. We had a wild time at the zoo and can’t wait for our next fun outing!