Youth Ministry

“Journey to Bethlehem”

A film review by Josh McNamara

Recently, I took our youth to see the new Christmas season release: “Journey to Bethlehem.” This is the re-telling of the Christmas account from the Bible, told through the lens of a musical.

If you have ever wondered what the biblical Christmas account would sound like, being told through pop songs with a dash of humor sprinkled in, then you might want to go and see “Journey to Bethlehem.”

This musical does an excellent job of allowing us to relate to the biblical characters. This happens through things like humor and through this film’s depiction of how certain characters arrive on the scene and how they develop as the musical progresses. 

Without getting too much into spoilers, one of the most significant differences between this musical and the biblical account is adding a particular character at the manger scene that scripture doesn’t place there. (Who is it? Well, you’ll just have to see the film to find out).

Overall, it’s a great family-friendly movie that you and your loved ones can enjoy during the upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas.

May God continue to be with and bless you and your family as we prepare our hearts to enter the Advent season.